Amalfi Coast Sea Mist Diffuser 250ml

GlassHouse Fragrance - Sea Mist 250ml Diffuser

  • Glasshouse 250ml Triple Strength Fragrance Diffusers deliver a low-maintenance and generous scent in the air which lasts up to three months.
  • Using only alcohol, fragrance and water and are provided with only the best quality reeds, which diffuse a fragrance that is generous and complex.
  • Made in Australia.
    • Amalfi Coast Notes:
      Top: Freesia, Thyme and Tarragon.
      Middle: Lavender and Moss.
      Base: Musk and Patchouli.
      Like driving on a winding Italian road overlooking the stunning ocean, Amalfi Coast will excite and relax in unison. With Freesia, Lavender and Lime, it’s as invigorating as an afternoon siesta.
    • For best results keep out of direct sunlight, heat and drafts, and ensure the lid is screwed on tightly.
      Flip the reeds as often or as little as you like depending on how much fragrance you’re after.
      You may observe initial rapid evaporation of a Glasshouse Fragrance Diffuser, however this evaporation will slow down over time but the quality of the fragrance will not change. Please refer to the enclosed care instructions to get the best performance.